Recommendations to our Insureds

Remain at the scene and wait for the authorities of jurisdiction, provided that the life is not endangered. See to it that the authorities perform a legal appraisal as soon as possible.


• Take all measures necessary to prevent further damage.

• Notify the insurance company within five (o5) calendar days, as of the date of notification of the occurrence; which can be done phone or in writing.

• Provide the insurance company within thirty (30) days of the loss advice, with all the documents requested for the assessment and adjustment.

• The insurance company will assign a loss adjuster; so that no action should be taken that will change the scene of the loss.

• File the following documents with the insurance company:

  • Original of a narrative explaining clearly your version of the facts.
  • A detailed itemization of the loss claimed at cost value (without gain of any type).
  • A detailed itemization of other insurance policies covering on the property loss.
  • A crime against the property.
  • Complaint filed with the CICCP (indispensable).