Please describe the policy you want quoted, in detail. Example:

  • I need a broad cover policy for my automobile, year 2003, make XXXX, model XXXXXXX, type XXXXXXX. I am 38 years old and married. I also want towing service.
  • I want to insure my son, Pablo Pérez and my niece, María Alvarez, against Personal Accident, so that if they are injured, I would have the assistance of a nearby hospital. Both are 10 years old and have no pre-existing conditions.
  • I have a 120m2 apartment located in La California, with a present value of Bs.F. 3,000,000 and wish to have options and advise on how best to insure. Presently, I have an automobile policy with XXXXXXX insurance company, but what I would like is a quote from the company and any other with like quality service.

It is important to have specific and detailed information on the persons and property you wish to insure, to be able to provide you with efficient advice and solutions for your needs.